My Pregnancy diet plan || What to eat in PCOD Pregnancy to avoid Gestational diabetes(3rd Trimester)


This video is about PCOS/PCOD pregnancy diet plan.
PCOD Patients are subject to high risk pregnancy, with chances of miscarriage.

This diet plan is simple and easy to follow. Key points to keep in mind are

1. Avoid foods with a higher glycemic index
2. Avoid sugar or any form of sweeteners
3. Avoid dairy products like milk, cheese etc. Occasional intake of curd is fine.
You can switch to milk from plant sources – coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk.
4. Include more and more protein to your diet and try to decrease your carbohydrate intake.
More importantly simple carbohydrates as simple carbohydrates can lead to sudden sugar spikes in blood and it is not good for the baby.
Higher the blood sugar, more the baby gets prone to gestational diabetes.
I hope this video helps another mommy somewhere in this small world.

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